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Area Rugs

Redecorate a room and give it instant beauty and style.

We offer different shapes, sizes, patterns, textures, and styles of area rugs, so you will find that perfect one. Customized area rugs have become a common practice today, but Madison Flooring and Design has built a reputation for fine craftsmanship and high quality bindings and edge finishes.
Our bustling workrooms specialize in custom sizes, shapes, borders and edge finishes. Customers rely on Madison Flooring and Design for superior finishing and workmanship. One look at a flawless hand-sewn mitered corner demonstrates the attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship of the Madison Flooring and Design team.
Our diverse collection of bindings complements our customizable product line by allowing further personalization of rugs through a selection of over 300 different edge finishes. Put the finishing touches on your rug with soft, supple leather, bold use of color, or the subtle beauty of tone-on-tone in cotton, jute, linen or wool. Our bindings are applied by our world-class craftsmen who practice the attention to detail and excellent workmanship that makes a Madison Flooring and Design rug so special.
You can give any room in your home a fresh, new look with an area rug from your Madison Flooring and Design showroom. Our area rug collection offers styles found both domestically and imported. Whether you are looking for a more traditional “oriental” rug, natural sea grass or sisal or one in a modern motif visit your Madison Flooring and Design showroom to see the latest in fashion and style!


There are a variety of area rugs and each has their own characteristics. Flat weave, hand-knotted, hand-tufted hand-hooked and machine-made are the primary categories.
Flat Weave : This rug is constructed without a pile. Colored weft yarns are woven through warps to create the pattern. Some varieties of flat weave are kilims, dhurries and soumaks. Needlepoint is another type of flat weave that is made by weaving the colored yarns through a pre-made scrim.


Hand-Knotted : This rug is constructed with fine threads of colored yarn that are hand-knotted through a warp/weft backing and then sheared to create a pile. Two varieties of actual knot styles are Persian and Turkish.


Hand-tufted and Hand-hooked : These rugs are produced with a tufting gun that works like an oversized sewing needle. It pushes and pulls threads of yarn through a scrim – a pre-woven grid foundation. With a hooked rug, the loops of yarn are left intact to form a knobby loop pile. In a tufted rug, the tops of the loops are sheared to expose the thread ends for a softer and plusher cut pile.


Machine-made : In this process, the rugs are woven on mechanical looms. There are many types of mechanical looms, each with specific capabilities as to the type of design and textures it can create.


Merida’s endless customization options offer the freedom to personalize your rug through size, shape and finishing. Our extensive and diverse collection of bindings includes more than 300 choices of color and material, from cotton twill and smooth linen to luxurious leathers. Our workroom can also finish a rug with your material to create a floor covering that matches your interior design.


We take great pride in providing you with a beautiful and unique product, and look forward to helping you delight your clients with the workmanship, thoughtfulness and beauty of a Merida product.

Rug Tips**

  • If possible, buy the rug first and make it your focal point, then dress the area with furniture.
  • If space permits, the furniture should sit on the outskirts of the rug, not on top of it.
  • Rotate area rugs periodically to minimize the wear and tear to any one part.
  • If furniture lies on the rug, try to occasionally move everything one or two inches in order to keep it from permanently crushing the carpet fibers and leaving depressions in the rug.



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